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Pouyesh Engineers Group of Companies

Pouyesh Engineers Group of Companies is ready to provide engineering services while obtaining professional qualifications from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development at various levels, with experienced personnel and using a complete technical archive of 20 years of records.

Pouyesh Engineers Group of Companies, active in the field of construction industry and with more than twenty years of experience, was created with the understanding of the need to form a set of specialized and coherent consultants in the field of building design and providing engineering services. This group has been leading and dynamic in providing design, monitoring, geo-technical, implementation, supply management and other engineering services in huge construction projects and is ready to play its effective role in the development of our dear country in order to help its development. and improve the construction of the country.

Since the current time is the competition of technology owners in various fields, this group of engineers tries to provide a suitable platform for those involved in the construction industry by considering the elements of speed, accuracy, quality and price. And she believes that she will achieve her goals by gaining customer satisfaction and relying on teamwork.

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Pouyesh group of companies is ready to provide services in all stages of design, supervision, implementation and consulting services in the construction industry in a completely professional manner in line with the construction and improvement of our beloved country, Iran.

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With the cooperation of a group of engineers and construction experts, we are trying to develop by flourishing creativity, creating .coordination between them, and improving accuracy and speed in providing engineering services
The company's policy is to follow all national and international regulations, standards and guidelines, paying special attention to the needs and demands of employers in designing and monitoring the implementation of projects and obtaining satisfaction and .continuously improving their level of satisfaction

Also, this group tries to play an effective role in improving the construction industry of our beloved country by increasing the practical and technical level of the company's experts through the holding of training courses related to the profession and active .participation in specialized seminars